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My name is Shara Prophet and I’m here to share my journey as a healthy food advocate, food enthusiast and entrepreneur. I am the owner of, and gourmet food specialist for The Gaia Goodness Company, as well as the creator of the Gaia Goodness signature product Banana Mango Ketchup.

The Gaia Goodness signature Banana Mango Ketchup is just the tip of the ice berg. This business model has great growth potential and The Gaia Goodness Company will expand into personal care products, cookware, and home goods.

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My experience working as a nutrition educator increased my awareness of what’s really happening in the food industry. I was inspired to turn my passion for making simple, honest, healthy, delicious, and unique gourmet foods like Banana Mango Ketchup, into a business so I started The Gaia Goodness Company in August 2013.

The Gaia Goodness Company is a vehicle to not only deliver high quality goods, but provide education to all communities about how to live a healthy, whole lifestyle, mind, body, and spirit. I fully support the sustainable and local food movement and a percentage of sales of Gaia Goodness products will go to the RootDown LA organization and the St. Francis Center food pantry.

I have been passionate about food since I was a little girl. I picked up my culinary skills by watching and helping my grandmother prepare everything from fresh baked yeast rolls to homemade snow ice cream and canning fruits and vegetables. Things were a lot slower back then. In today’s fast paced world, we rarely make time for a good home cooked meal, let alone making ice cream and canning.

The fast food options that bombard our city blocks and our grocery shelves are the reason I went back to making my own food and sauces. I became conscious of what is in our food especially condiments like ketchup, bbq sauce, marinades and salad dressings. Nasty chemicals and additives like corn syrup, refined sugar, aspartame, sodium, soy lecithin (genetically modified soy), and maltodextrin (genetically modified corn or potato) can hide out in these sauces and sneak their way into your diet. And yes, especially the fat, sugar, and cholesterol free brands! These ingredients contribute to a host of health issues like diabetes, obesity, Cancer, and the leading cause of death in America, heart disease.

After witnessing loved ones suffer from and even die from these diseases I noticed the first thing their doctors suggested upon diagnosis was to change their diet. This awakened something inside of me and I became passionate about getting reconnected to real food and spreading the word about the importance of eating whole foods – food that comes straight from the source and is not processed, and reading all ingredient labels on packaged foods.

My rule of thumb is if the label lists more than 5-10 ingredients and you cannot pronounce the words, then leave that “food imposter”right on the shelf and look for something that contains all natural ingredients. That’s how simple it is. Remember, our bodies know how to process real foods that have their own nutrients because our bodies produce those same nutrients naturally.

How do I know this stuff? Well, research and common sense for one and the other comes from knowledge I gained while working as a cooking instructor/program coordinator with a non-profit organization called RootDown LA. This organizationgets kids and adults to “eat their veggies.” They also offer an open forum where the community can discuss issues affecting our society like food deserts, food insecurity, lack of access to nutritious fresh produce in low income neighborhoods, and how to divert dollars back into the community through urban food businesses.

Having grown up in a food desert myself, this mission fueled my passion even more to change my own eating habits and live an overall healthier lifestyle. I have had an awakening and I am now conscious and aware of the importance of supporting natural and organic food growers and producers like myself. It doesn’t stop at food though. I also buy natural and make my own everyday lifestyle items like skin care products, toothpaste, lotions, hair oils, shampoos, and cleaning products. Now, I want to share my passion, knowledge, and hand crafted products with you.



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